5 Reasons You Need a Photo Booth at Your Wedding or Event

Thinking of having a photo booth at your wedding or event? Here’s why it’s the right choice.

You may have noticed in the last couple of years that almost every wedding or big event you go to has a photobooth, in this era of brides creating their own wedding hashtags and selfies, it’s not surprise that having a professional photobooth at your event is an absolute MUST. If your still on the fence on whether a wedding photobooth is for you, read our very compelling reasons why!

1. It’s the most fun you’ll have in 15 seconds with your clothes on 😉

C’mon, you knew this was gonna be #1, Photobooths are fun for everyone, from the kids to the grandparents, who doesn’t love wearing a silly hat or holding up a sign and making faces at the camera. Of course everyone will be having fun celebrating your special event with friends and families, apart from stuffing themselves from your delicious foods while listening to the music (also make sure you hire a Professional DJ too!), but when your guests need a break from busting all the moves, they’ll love to hop into an open-air photobooth with family and friends and start snapping some photos!


2. It gives you and your guests something ‘special’ to take home….

Of course like 99.9% of weddings you’ve hired yourself a professional photographer to document this very special day, and a good one is there to capture all the memories from the time you do your makeup, putting on the bridal dress, walking down the aisle, saying the big ‘Aku Terima Nikahnya..’ or ‘I Do’, to the cake cutting and everything in between, but what about your Uncle Samad dressing up in a giant unicorn head? A Wedding Photobooth is there to create and capture these memories, and instantly create a keepsake that you and your friends and family will remember for the rest of your lives. Not only do the photos come out instantly, but with our very cool social media system, your guests will be able to download and upload their photos to facebook to share their silly photos with all their friends in an INSTANT!


3. It’s easy as pie and a great value

During one of the most important days of your life, you don’t want to worry about every little aspect of photobooth while your busy getting married. Being a value-conscious person ourself, If we are completely honest with you, we know it can be tempting want to just put an ipad on a tripod, run the ‘Photobooth’ app and then call it a day, but by experience we know that by hiring a professional you will get someone that already has a professionally designed photobooth with flattering lighting, gorgeous custom backdrops with stands, instant print stations that will print the photo after it is taken in less than 10 seconds!, super cool prop kits, social media stations where your guests are able to instantly upload their photos to share on facebook, and we can even add your names and the date to the photo, or even a #hashtag to remind people where they were on this special day! All you have to do is tell us where to setup, and leave the rest to us.


4. Formals are nice and all… but we came here for something FUN!

Nice, and classy formals are a must for any good wedding album, and of course you’ll want something nice to hang on your walls of your family from your big day and that’s the wedding photographers job , but there is incredible value in having some anything goes, un-planned, un-choreographed, and of course, super creative photos from your big day that will be special to everyone. So make sure you grab your family, friends, mom, dad, bridesmaids, groomsmen and hop into our photobooth for some fun, silly photos, and believe me, you’ll love them!!


5. It’s Memories in the Making!

At the end of the day, after the reception are long gone , what matters most for many, is your memories of your most wonderful day. Making a small investment in a photobooth will provide you years of fond memories whenever you pass by your Best Friends house and see that photo on her fridge of the two of you holding lightsabers with you in a bridal gown, or you and your groom sharing a smooch together. Have something that will bring out the creativity and fun for everyone at your party and will provide them with memories for years to come!


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